Yes, but there is no specific season to visit Goa. Monsoon Season in Goa is one of the best time to visit in September

where you can see greenery everywhere. Heavy rains can disrupt your plans completely, so include some buffer days if you are planning to visit at this time.

Things to do in Monsoon Season in Goa
Things to do in Monsoon Season in Goa

Things to do in Monsoon Season in Goa in September 2018

  • If you like rains, you will love being there in Monsoon Season in Goa, as goa lies on the continuing belt of western ghats.
  • You can hire a 2 wheeler and go around Goa enjoying the rain
  • You can also visit Old Goa, Arvalem, Forts at Aguada, Chapora, Corjuem

  • Visit a spice plantation nearby, Waterfall (Dudhsagar) in Full Bloom

  • Also, visit the lovely Diwar Island and Tamdi Surla Waterfall Trek
  • If you don’t like a crowd than its the best Monsoon Season in Goa
  • Hotels and Resorts easily available at a low price as fewer visitors visit
  • No much fish variety in foodies during monsoon as the fisherman boats will be under ban due to high tides
  • You can do Monsoon Adventure Boat Trip Goa, which is one of the best selling trips in Goa.

  • Maybe some of the dance floors will be closed as they need a large crowd to run the business

This is just a subset of places that can be visited during monsoon!