Scuba Diving Beginners Course




A great way to try Scuba Diving Beginners Course for the first time!

There’s a Training session prior to the dive, teaching you about the equipment’s use, breathing underwater, regulator removal, regulator recovery, mask clearing, alternate air source use and BCD and some basics for underwater swimming.

We are fully outfitted with safety gear that will guarantee you have a hassle-free and safe diving experience

NO swimming pool tests and definitely NO exams. Your diving experience is sure to be swelled with loads of fun as you get to spend up to an hour with a plenty of sea creatures, corals and other marine experience that you may have never seen before. All you need to do is relax and have fun!
Here at MY GOA 365, we will ensure that you are in safe hands while you relax and enjoy the underwater scene. This trip is value for money with expert instructors who take you to many underwater spots.


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